Why to Choose Us ?2021-06-22T07:18:26-06:00


Here are only 10 of the
many reasons to choose us

Family Treatment2021-06-22T07:18:14-06:00

We are a family run hotel with recently renovated facilities. Our goal is to offer the best service to our visitors so that their experience is complete. We are thrilled to offer our council and help so that we can meet all your expectations. We employ a multicultural, multidisciplinary and profoundly specialized team with strong ties to the local community and with all the certifications given to them by the government of Nicaragua.

Hotel Location2021-06-22T07:18:14-06:00

Our unique location is one of our strongest features; it allows us to be the only ones able to practice any kind of sport fishing. In addition, we offer a wide range of activities related with nature and local culture.

Home cooked meal2021-06-22T07:18:14-06:00

Food is an essential part of us; this is why we try very hard to continuously prepare typical and local dishes. We are very familiar with how to prepare traditional recipes suitable for any of our client’s nutritional requirements.

Respect for the environment2021-06-22T07:18:14-06:00

We feel absolute respect for our environment in which we are and we execute all the catch and release techniques described in this website.

Respect for the client2021-06-22T07:18:14-06:00

For us, our clients are the most important thing and the Sabalo Real is the ruler of our waters.

Respect for the Tarpon2021-06-22T07:18:14-06:00

For us, the Sábalo Real is the king of our waters. The Tapam in this region offer a special kind of combativeness. Fishing is an attractive, stimulating and particularly fun activity for the distinct locations in which we want to fish.


We are constantly trying to obtain knowledge and skills to develop new fishing techniques. Whether it is a workday or in our spare time, we are always fishing!


Our goal is that your stay with us is completely satisfactory ;  we want you to feel at home.

Friendly Environment2021-06-22T07:18:15-06:00

We have a very pleasant family friendly environment and we are confident you will want to come back.


It is in our interest that the work we do has a positive effect and contributes to the economic development in our community

And the most important, our passion the sport fishing makes us a unique team!


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