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  • Availability: All year

  • Duration: 2 | 5 | 7 days

  • Price per person per day: $ 350

  • Fly Fishers Welcomed

  • Fishing guide, equipped boat, rods, hooks and bait included

  • Limited anglers per season

  • Catch & Release Only


Nicaragua Monster Tarpon Fishing Charters

Tarpon fishing is our passion. We organize fishing trips along the Coast. Sport fishing the Tarpon or Silver King is one of the most popular activities within sport fishing that does not involve killing.

The sensation of sportfishing a monster tarpon as it tries to escape the hook and jumps out of the water becomes a unique and unforgettable experience.

This is is one of the reasons why some of the people who fish the Silver King constantly look to embark on new adventures.

Tarpon Fishing Nicaragua Caribbean & Jungle Rivers

The Rama Garden Tarpon Lodge is in Greytown Nicaragua, situated only 5 minutes from the mouth of two great rivers. The perfect location for Great Tarpon fishing and to explore what the Caribbean Sea has to offer.

The old saying is that a bad day of fishing beats a good day of anything else. Luckily you will have nothing but good days of fishing.

The Rama Garden Fishing Lodge guides speak English and Spanish

Why is Nicaragua still such a perfect for TARPON fishing?

Silver King fishing in Nicaragua is not the same as 15 years ago. We have managed to change the mentality and we have tried countless fishing tackle and equipment. And of course, we do not kill Tarpons.

Anyone who has caught 200 lb + Atlantic tarpon knows that fatality can occur before and after the battle. That is why we always recommend the use of the right equipment in every situation and of course a good handling of the fish.

We serve a limited number of fishermen per season.

How do you fish a 200+lb Tarpon?

We practice Tarpon Fishing Catch and Release Only. Because we limit the number of fishermen we take fishing each year and practice only catch and release we are able to preserve the fishery.

You will have the time of your life landing a trophy tarpon or snook and will have photos to prove it.

And the fish will survive to reproduce and provide offspring for generations of fishermen to come. Here you can see more Tarpon Tips.

Or discover the magic of  FISHING NICARAGUA TARPON..  

How many hours will last my outing to catch a monster Tarpon?

An outing to fish for tarpon starts at sunrise if you like and if you wish will last until sunset. The coastal and tidal waters so there are a lot of fish to catch and the surroundings are spectacularly beautiful. Sunrise is about 5 am, sunset about 6 pm. It depends on you.

After only 2 Tarpons battle of a decent size, many people return back to the lodge to pick softer rods for snook fishing.

Rember these waters inhabits huge strong snappers not only tarpon, the battle with this fish is breathtaking they have broken many rod blanks as well Giant Snooks about 1 meter long that can break with ease 40 lb test fluorocarbon line.

Do I have to Bring my Own fishing Tackle?

Remember that you will be always in the hunt of Trophy Tarpon, Giant Snook or other TROPHY FISH. From minute 1 of your trip until your last cast.

This is the reason of choosing only high-quality brands this includes: Fishing Rods, Fishing Reels and fishing Lines and HOOKS. About lures, flies, fly lines, leaders… you must carry on your own tackle we do not have mail or replacement possible here.

Please bring your own fishing tackle. However, we do have high-quality fishing tackle at the hotel only to use with our guides and mainly to use with Live Bait.

If you are breaking any of your rods ( not unusual on this waters ) no worries we would take care of you. But please notice that all tackle that we use comes from abroad, it is hard to replace.

We only use High Quality Fishing tackle if you break one of the fishing rods that we use for anglers we will ask you for a fee for asking replacement ( if Possible to the Brand ).

Book your stay at the finest SILVER KING lodge in Nicaragua. We are looking forward your visit!


When the Silver King bites, its behavior is unpredictable. It splashes large quantities of water around and moves in all sorts of acrobatics to get loose. To capture one of them is one of the most exciting moments and it inundates our common passion for sport fishing.

If you would like to experience this do not hesitate to contact us.

As we mentioned before, we count on specialized personnel and we guarantee 100% that you will enjoy this sport.

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