• Availability: All year

  • Duration: 2 | 5 | 7 days

  • Price per person per day: $ 350

  • Fly Fishers Welcomed

  • Fishing guide, equipped boat, rods, hooks and bait included

  • Limited anglers per season

  • Catch & Release Only

Tarpon Fishing Charters

Tarpon fishing is our passion. We organize fishing trips along the Coast. Fishing the Tarpon or Silver King on fly or lure is one of the most popular activities within sport fishing that does not involve killing.

The sensation of sportfishing a + 220 lb Monster Tarpon as it tries to escape the hook and jumps out of the water becomes a unique and unforgettable experience.

This is is one of the reasons why some of the people who fish the Silver King constantly look to embark on new adventures.

Tarpon Fishing Nicaragua Caribbean & Jungle Rivers

The Rama Garden Tarpon Lodge is in Greytown Nicaragua, situated only 5 minutes from the mouth of two great rivers. The perfect location for Great Tarpon fishing and to explore what the Caribbean Sea has to offer.

The old saying is that a bad day of fishing beats a good day of anything else. Luckily you will have nothing but good days of fishing.

The Rama Garden Fishing Lodge guides speak English and Spanish


Suitable for any person who wants to start, or any person who has experience fishing the Tarpon in both in the salt or rivers. This is not the same fishing for 80 pounds Tarpon than managing an over 100 pounds fish.  For us, the thing starts when you can hold over 120-pound fish safe with the knowledge of our guides.

We counsel you so that you have an unforgettable day. You will be provided with: a 26-feet Caribbean boat equipped with a Lowrance fishfinder, a professional guide, and the necessary equipment so that you can feel all of the adrenaline when you catch the Silver King. Not to mention all the possibility of catching any other species in Caribbean waters.

We will take you to where the fish are and we will show you the best way to catch the Pez Sábalo, the name of the Tarpon for us. In this kind of fishing, we will place the rods, the spools, the line, and hooks. Generally, live fish or sardines are used. The hooks used are circular and a medium-heavy tackle is used. The goal is to return the fish adequate in time and the very best experience for our customers.

The Caribbean offers opportunities that not many people know how to take. Some people think that just by fishing here a few times and accomplishing some expected goals, they know everything there is to know about the Caribbean Sea. But that is a mistake.

We recommend going back and repeating the experience with us because we have developed and incorporated new and truly efficient techniques so that this sport is experienced with maximum intensity.

The elements related to this kind of fishing have certain costs and it is the responsibility of the client to cover such costs. We advise specifically on the right kind of equipment, all according to the kind of fishing the client wants to practice. We offer personalized attention. Our technical fishing director will guide you so that your stay at Rama Garden Fishing Lodge is completely satisfactory.

We emphasize that our guides are perfectly knowledgeable on the types of water mass and the areas where Tarpon are more concentrated according to each season. Obviously, it will be each fisher and their art that will make the experience fruitful. Equipment is not included.

Fishing Sabalos on the fly is highly recommended, and according to experts in the matter, it is the most effective technique to catch the Silver King. We agree the reason being is that the fish seems to show a preference for smaller Baitfish.

Generally, Sabalo fly fishing has shown good results in certain areas around us. We advise on the minimum requirements necessary to fulfill such activity. We must note that the area where we fish, we depend on days when the sea offers us ideals conditions, which is one of the most effective techniques. Equipment is not included.

Whether it is Tarpon or any other kind of species, there are extraordinary possibilities to fish from the beach near our Hotel.

Sabalo Fishing from the beach is one of the most exciting ways of fishing and veteran fishers recommend practicing it at least once in your life. We are fortunate enough to be able to provide long stretches of the coastal areas.

The equipment requirements are a bit different from the equipment used in motorboats. Naturally, our guides are more than capable to indicate where the best spots are to fish. Equipment is not included.


The  Fishing season in Nicaragua is all year long. The only limitations are the ones that come with sharp changes in weather. If we had to choose a month, we would say it begins in September.

However, some years February is equally wonderful. Fishing seasons sometimes depend on external factors that make catching the Tarpons fish easier. For example, it is easier when Tarpons are swimming near the coast or concentrate in a specific spot.

This is why we advise you to contact us and ask us about our expectancies. This way, we can choose the best time and make an accurate and better plan for your fishing trip to Nicaragua.


We are a multidisciplinary team and each of us have dedicated ourselves to different areas within the professional tourism industry and sport fishing.

Some of us are specialized in technical fishing for rivers and lagoons and others have opted for costal and deep water fishing. In any case, our team is dedicated to the evolution and development of our TARPON fishing techniques that we employ.

Our passion is fishing the Sabalo Fish, for whom we have the utmost respect. And even thought we are focused on this one type of fish, there are other species here that we can find and practice our love for fishing.

For our entire professional careers, we have learned techniques used in other parts of the Caribbean where the Pez sABALO habits. For example, we not only have excellent clients in the United States, Canada, or Spain but also good friends.

The same with Cuba, where we have some family. In Rama Garden Fishing Lodge we have applied these learned skills and adjusted it to our environment until we have reached a high level of effectiveness, unbeatable anywhere else in the Caribbean of Nicaragua.

At the same time, we have maintained relationships with other hotels in Costa Rica that specialize in fishing the Sabalo Real and we have shared our passion with any professional and Tarpon enthusiast who has stayed with us. Aside from having an excellent background in the art of fishing, our chief guide is an expert in raft and motorboat driving and maintenance, which is a crucial skill for this sport.


Our fishing journey begins at dawn and can last up to 8 hours. The client decides the amount of time. Contrary to many other hotels north of the river, we never drag bait nor we fight the fish with a motorboat engine. Another characteristic that distinguishes us from other places is the area we are in.

Our area allows the client freedom to choose the exact locality he or she wants to fish so that his or her experience is fulfilling and is what the client is looking for.

In The Rama Garden Fishing Lodge, we are surrounded by different kinds of water mass in both the rivers and lagoons. Perfect areas for Jungle Tarpon Fishing. One must remember that the fish habitat changes each season. At the same time, we are located in between the delta of the Indio River and the San Juan River, a short distance from coral reefs and parts where the water is clear and we can develop different fishing techniques unknown to other hotels.

In the year 2010, we brought our first fishfinder and two years later, we equipped our boats with professional equipment that allowed us to know about key fishing spots and conducted a study to find the most effective spots to fish according to each season. Today we keep using the fish finder and we have plans to update our boats with Simrad equipment. This will allow our clients to test first-hand years of working experience.

The fishing day includes any drinks non-alcoholic that the client may need, in addition to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We propose three different types of sport fishing days: of the motorboat, off the coast, and off the rivers and lakes. It’s worth noting that these three types of fishing days are equal in their access to the Silver Kings.


The Nicaragua Jungle Poons, or Pez Sabalo, which you might hear referred to as  Pez Sábalo or Tapam, is a beautiful creature. Trophy Sabalo fishing is what most guests come for. We call it “Royal Sabalo” but there are all sorts of other outstanding fishing to be enjoyed. Rainbow bass and trophy snook live all of them, around the lodge, as well as machaca, tilapia, and gar. (See a complete list of Jungle River species)

The fish are big. Enormous. And there are plenty of them. To be fair, the Pez Sabalo is fair about every angler’s odds, noting that the fishing is tough. Known for their gleaming silver scales and their insane acrobatic tricks, landing a Nicaraguan jungle poon is a fight, which is why it’s so popular among experienced anglers. Once hooked, the fish can efficiently fight back for hours.

Tarpon that stays year-round in the river are known as Tapam fish, and while some of them may not be as silvery and shiny as their ocean-dwelling brethren, are as acrobatically talented.It appears that some of them never leave the lagoons and its estuaries, preferring to gorge themselves on the abundant schools of mullet, sardine, snook,mojarra, guapote, guavina and shrimp that spawn here.

Tarpon fish travels over a thousand miles in the open ocean, and they can dive down to 400 feet to lay eggs, you can find adults OFFSHORE or NEARSHORE over wrecks, reefs, and ledges. They thrive in the perpetually warm waters of the Caribbean.


Sabalos live primarily in coastal waters, lagoons, and rivers, and can grow into monster adults weighing up to three hundred pounds. Males can live up to fifty years, and females up to eighty. But  Atlantic Tarpon lives to that age because they are pretty smart. We are trying to protect them.

In fact, everything about this fish is amazing. In the very early morning, you can see their enormous Silver bodies pushing out of the water to gulp air. The Tarpon has a unique trait – it can fill its bladder with air to breathe, like a small lung. Once it has extracted all the oxygen from the air, it expels it in one great sigh, causing these bubbles I had seen. It’s a genuinely surprising evolutionary trait that allows the fish to thrive in even low oxygen waters. We are convinced that our surroundings have one of the largest populations of Tarpon Fish in Central America.

If you have never experienced one of these massive poons blasting out of the water after being hooked you will not believe your eyes the first time you see it! Watching one Sabalo jump out of the water with its famous acrobat’s skill is gorgeous. Often the Tarpon will leap 12 feet and jump 5 or 6 times before you get him near to the boat for the very first time.

The sound the silver body makes as it slaps the water is thrilling. If you have had the pleasure of experiencing the unique thrill before, then you can join me is saying “hold of for the thrill of a lifetime!”

That’s the real allure of fishing for Tarpon. Hooking one of these giant beauties is akin to wrestling a bear. Besides their size and strength, jungle poons are champion jumpers, known for deliberately throwing themselves against the water to try and dislodge the hook, or tossing the line like a bear with a chew toy. Whether you’re fishing the Caribbean or the river, the sound of tarpon jumping and beating the water is sure to fill you with excitement. Battling these creatures is an unforgettable experience you’ll be sure to come back for again and again.

Why is Nicaragua still such a perfect for Sabalo fishing?

Silver King fishing in Nicaragua is not the same as 15 years ago. We have managed to change the mentality and we have tried countless fishing tackle and equipment. And of course, we do not kill Tarpons.

Anyone who has caught 200 lb + Atlantic tarpon knows that fatality can occur before and after the battle. That is why we always recommend the use of the right equipment in every situation and of course a good handling of the fish.

We serve a limited number of fishermen per season.

How many hours will last my outing to catch a Monster Tarpon?

An outing to fish for tarpon starts at sunrise if you like and if you wish will last until sunset. The coastal and tidal waters so there is a lot of fish to catch and the surroundings are spectacularly beautiful. Sunrise is about 5 am, sunset at about 6 pm. It depends on you.

After only 2 Tarpons battle of a decent size, many people return back to the lodge to pick softer rods for snook fishing.

Rember these waters inhabits huge strong snappers not only tarpon, but the battle with this fish is also breathtaking they have broken many rod blanks as well Giant Snooks about 1 meter long that can break with ease 40 lb test fluorocarbon line.

How do you fish a 200+lb Tarpon?

We practice Tarpon Fishing Catch and Release Only. Because we limit the number of fishermen we take fishing each year and practice only catch and release we are able to preserve the fishery.

You will have the time of your life landing a trophy tarpon or snook and will have photos to prove it.

And the fish will survive to reproduce and provide offspring for generations of fishermen to come. Here you can see more Tarpon Tips.

Or discover the magic of  FISHING CENTRAL AMERICA..  

Do I have to Bring my Own Fishing Tackle?

Remember that you will be always in the hunt of  Trophy Tarpon, Giant Snook, or other TROPHY FISH. From minute 1 of your trip until your last cast.

This is the reason for choosing only high-quality brands this includes: Fishing Rods, Fishing Reels, and Fishing Lines and HOOKS. About lures, flies, fly lines, leaders… you must carry on your own tackle we do not have mail or replacement possible here.

Please bring your own fishing tackle. However, we do have a high-quality fishing tackle at the hotel only to use with our guides and mainly to use with Live Bait.

If you are breaking any of your rods ( not unusual on this waters ) no worries we would take care of you. But please notice that all tackle that we use comes from abroad, it is hard to replace.

We only use High-Quality Fishing tackle if you break one of the fishing rods that we use for anglers we will ask you for a fee for asking replacement ( if Possible to the Brand ).



When the Silver King bites, its behavior is unpredictable. It splashes large quantities of water around and moves in all sorts of acrobatics to get loose. To capture one of them is one of the most exciting moments and it inundates our common passion for sport fishing.

If you would like to experience this do not hesitate to contact us.

As we mentioned before, we count on specialized personnel and we guarantee 100% that you will enjoy this sport.

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