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Imagine waking up to the sounds of an insect orchestra finishing its symphony, as the first rays of morning peek through the great emerald canopies of the forest. Off in the distance, you can hear the howler monkeys starting their breakfast, and the chorus of birds building, as the morning mist burns off the rainforest floor.

Imagine sitting underneath ancient trees that loom hundreds of feet above you, while you sip your morning coffee. For just a few minutes, you are the only person awake to see the mighty jungle awakening. Musicians have written songs about it. Authors have penned novels. The emotion of being alone in the jungle is overwhelming and awe-inspiring. There is no other feeling in the world quite like it

Now imagine putting your body to the ultimate test, day after day, for weeks. Imagine no showers, no beds, and no cell phone service. Imagine foraging edible plants for your next meal or building a fire without matches. Imagine guiding yourself by stars to find the perfect waterfall or even the way home.

A jungle trek is no easy stroll on the mountains or donkey ride down the canyon. Traveling through the forest is a daily battle to stay alive and healthy. Nicaragua’s rainforest is a living, breathing organism, and surviving encounters with it take skills, guts, and know-how. The reward, however, is the experience of a lifetime.

Survival Adventure in Nicaragua

A survival experience in the Nicaraguan forest is not a task to attempt lightly, but our guides are experts in survival training and wilderness survival. We offer classes in all kinds of basic survival skills to prep you for your jungle trek, from starting a fire to how to find water, and all the basic first aid you’ll need in between. Learn indispensable survival techniques, like building an effective signal fire, or purifying water.

Then head out into Nicaragua’s jungle to put your newfound skills to the test. Soon you’ll be boiling water and setting up campsites with the best of them. You’ll find yourself learning anew to respect the limits, and the potential, of the human body. Our guides will be with you every step of the way, guaranteeing you have experts with you to make sure the drinking water is safe, no one gets lost, and someone remembers to cook the food every day.

Our guides have years of experience collaborating with American and European television programs on several extreme sports experiences. They are professional, competent, simply the best of the best.

Survival Camp

Since every survival experience, and group, is different, contact us today to set up a project schedule for your next adventure. The survival experience is our most popular featured service, so we offer installations and tailored lessons on the surrounding environment to make the most of your trip.

We also offer counseling and consulting services for projects related to this kind of activity. Whatever you’ve got in mind, whether a film, a book or just your own personal enrichment, we’re here to help.

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