Tour Rama Garden Sportfishing

Cost per person per day: $ 350
Duration: 2days
Minimum: 2 people
Include: fishing guide, equipped boat, rods, hooks and bait



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The Atlantic Tarpon must remain in the water, they are not uploaded to the boat or panga at any time. And they are conveniently reanimated before their release.

Reasons why we do not drag lures:

They are less effective.
The catch ratio decreases significantly due to the hardness of the Sabalo’s mouth.
We preserve our environment, so we seek to pollute to the minimum.
The catch ratio increases exponentially using other techniques.
The drag of artificial lures disorders the habitat, that involves the entry of engines in certain places.
The drag of artificial plugs in a river is the simplest and least effective alternative.

The prices of the fishing as mentioned above, the guiding price of the fishing 350 dollars person/day.

You can adjust the price according to the number of fishermen and time of stay. It is necessary to check availability.

We charge a very small extra per accommodation for stays less than 7 days.

The Gasoline is also included for the specific areas, between the deltas of both main rivers.

If you still get here seems that the price is not right or have a problem look, here you can see a single example of everything we offer.

For any type of extension on our bases will be charged an additional fee.

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