Fishing Central America – Nicaragua

Fishing Central America is quite possibly the most diverse sportfishing area in the world for different species of sport fish available is a dream come true. At the Eastern side of  Nicaragua, anglers will enjoy fishing for tarpon, snook, rainbow bass and more species of the Caribbean sea, we call them the Caribbean Sea Trophies. The inland waterways of Nicaragua are teeming with game fish and let’s not forget the world-class surf fishing in the Coast.

Costa Rica alone stood out as a shining beacon of ecotourism for many years. But the 21st century has seen many countries follow Costa Rica’s lead when it comes to smart environmentalism, and Nicaragua, in particular, has excelled at assuming proper stewardship of its natural resources. Consequently, Nicaragua fishing has become one of the premier sports fishing experiences in the world, offering both jungle and open ocean adventures. With jungle river fishing especially useful in the dry season, and tarpon jumping year round in the open Caribbean waters, the east coast of Nicaragua is still shockingly underrated. Most people head to the more populated Pacific coast side, but the eastern jungles and coast are real gems.

The Rama Garden Fishing Lodge has tucked away in the very southeastern horn of Nicaragua, at the bottom of the Indio Maiz Biological Reserve’s vast expanse of untouched jungle. The Indio Maiz is the second largest rainforest jungle reserve in the country. The most part of the rainforest is cut off to visitors, there are no roads or cars. It is true wilderness in a way that is hard to find any other people.

Many times I´ve been asked the same by many of anglers of different parts of the world:

” I’ve asked myself  What’s a Tarpon?  I hear other fishermen talking about these creatures, and the excitement is palpable in their voices. It seems to be a favorite of any serious anglers. So naturally, I had to try myself. ”

Good choice !! Welcome to Nicaragua, you will enjoy!