Take your next vacation in one of the last pure natural areas in the world! Here at The Rama Garden Tarpon Lodge, we believe in preserving the unique ecosystem we are lucky enough to live in, the beautiful Indio Maiz Reserve. Staying at our Nicaragua Fishing Lodge provides an unforgettable vacation experience that very few other places in the world can offer. In addition to an array of exciting ecotourism activities, the waters of Nicaragua are teeming with exotic fish, a dream for any adventurous sport fisherman.


Catch the elusive Jungle Tarpon, also known as the Tapam fish of Nicaragua´s jungle. There are unique opportunities for other species such as Monster snooks, SnappersTiger bass, Rainbow Bass also know as Guapote fishing… But the gleaming silver scales of the Tarpon are our most popular attraction.

Fish the Silver King, the biggest tarpon on earth, in the pristine waters of the Caribbean sea, or in any of the numerous jungle rivers, creeks, or lagoons located around the tarpon lodge. Join us on one of our tours along the Rio San Juan, or through the rainforests of the Indio Maiz Reserve, or plan an adventure trip in search of the Silver King. Our team of professional fishing guides will give you one of the best angling experiences of your life on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua. Get ready for a trip with us!

Seven Cabins & Restaurant where we offer Traditional Caribbean Cooking

The Rama Garden Tarpon Lodge at Río Indio overlooks a protected Wildlife Area of the Indio Maíz Reserve and Río San Juan. Fresh Gastronomy of local Caribbean dishes with the art of Hospitality

The Rama Garden Tarpon Lodge, in the small Nicaraguan village of San Juan del Norte, is located in one of the most beautiful natural areas in the world.

Only five minutes from the Rio Indio and the Rio San Juan deltas, with breathtaking views of the Rio Indio, we limit the number of guests who participate in our exciting ecotourism and sport fishing activities, because we understand respect for this pristine environment and for the local fish populations is of the utmost importance.

Each of the seven cabins is over 250 square feet, with two king-sized beds in each. Because of this limited availability, it is important to contact us ASAP if you are thinking of scheduling a trip.

Our lives are one with the natural environment we live in, and we take great joy in introducing our guests to the wonders around us. Whether it’s taking a photo of a manatee or landing a Giant Tarpon, we want you to leave feeling you’ve had the experience of a lifetime.

Our professional, certified guides will show you all the best fishing in the Caribbean, Rio San Juan, Rio Indio, and the jungle creeks and lagoons, while also helping to keep your environmental footprint small. The Rama Garden Fishing Lodge is the attainment of a dream, an opportunity to have that adventure you’ve always wanted.

Nicaragua Fishing Lodge

We have always been fishing guides, with years of experience guiding our customers along the bright blue Caribbean coast and tea-stained river waters to the very best spots for catching the giant silver Tarpon fish.

Tarpon is what we’re known for, so we call ourselves a Tarpon Lodge, but our staff also includes experience bird and field survival guides, leading once-of-a-lifetime expeditions into the gorgeous Rio Maiz Biological Reserve.

Our lives are inextricably intertwined with the ecosystem of Southeastern Nicaragua, and while we love showing its beauty off to visitors, we also work hard to preserve its ecological wonder for other generations. We provide you the opportunity to have your dream trip come true. Come to visit us!

We preserve the wild nature

Tours in the Indio Maíz
Biological Reserve & San Juan River


The Río San Juan of Nicaragua runs from Lake Nicaragua to the Caribbean coast. Much of the river borders the wild and untouched lands of the Indio Maíz Reserve. This area is a nature preserve, the second largest preserved rainforest in Nicaragua, and most of the jungle is off-limits to visitors with no trails and no tours. This offers a safe haven for hundreds of exotic birds and mammals, like jaguars, giant anteaters, and macaws, keeping them safe from the incessant march of the modern world on their ancient environments. Discover more about the Río San Juan eco-tours.

“The use and evolution of non-invasive techniques towards the Tarpon and its environment has been our mission for years and our objective in several trips to other points of the Caribbean.”



Help us preserve the Silver King environment

Nicaragua Sport Fishing

The Silver King Steady Population

Respect for the Fish


Nicaragua is a destination around the world for serious sports fishermen, who all come here to battle the Silver King of the Caribbean Coast, the Atlantic Tarpon. We have incredible big tarpon sports fishing, either in the sparkling blue waters of a Caribbean beach or in the colorful waters of a river outlet. Sometimes the best moment is the one you don’t expect, waiting on the river shores in the early morning as a school of gleaming, hungry snook comes up the river with the tide. We are proud of our Caribbean Coast and the waters of Nicaragua, and love to share that pride and respect with our guests.

Silver King fishing Nicaragua Tarpon Lodge


“Our objective is to offer a service oriented towards ecotourism and sport fishing backed by more than 20 years of experience”


Birdwatching Nicaragua Indio Maíz Reserve


Bird Watching in the Indio Maiz Reserve

The Indio Maíz Reserve offers some of the best tropical bird-watching you can get anywhere on the planet, with over 400 different species. In addition to sports fishing, Rama Garden offers a variety of unforgettable tours. Travel the lagoons of San Juanillo and Greytown by kayak, wooden canoe, meet exotic reptiles, spot amazing birds, or put your endurance to the test with a jungle survival experience.

Nicaragua fishing


How we fish the Silver King ?

The sensation of hooking a giant Silver King, while it leaps acrobatically into the water and tries to escape, tarpon jumping is incomparable. No other fish provides quite the excitement, and the Silver King, also known as the Tapam fish,  is one of most sought-after experiences in Catch and Release Sportfishing. Learn from the expert guides of our lodge the best tips for capturing the Tarpon in Nicaragua.


“Knowing Rama Garden has been one of the best experiences I could live. A kind treatment, good people … made us feel at home.”

Ryan Hanson, USA

“I am an angler and I recommend everyone who likes it if they can visit the Rama Garden. Incomparable”

Roberto González, SPAIN